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Anthony Joseph Perry

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About Me

"Where Words Fail, Music Speaks."  Hans Christian Andersen  

Anthony Joseph Perry is a mixing engineer with a collaborative, open-minded, energetic approach, aided by his discerning ear and enthusiastic, positive energy. He focuses across all genres, with a lean towards hip-hop, electronic and rock/alternative music. His work has been included in soundtracks and featured on HBO, MTV, primetime commercials and video games. He has also worked on projects for various other television programs and short films. Most recently, Perry’s mixing was featured in the short film Ship of Fools, which was included in the 2014 selection at the Festival de Cannes in Cannes, France.


Perry has been playing in bands since he was 14, focusing his early career on forming and playing in Dead Boots (formerly known as TAB the Band), along with his brother and two friends from his hometown. Fans of late 1960s and early 1970s pop-rock, the band plays what Rolling Stone Magazine has described as “bluesy, sleazy, guitar raunch,” and continues to put out new records, which have been recorded, produced and mixed by Perry. The most recent addition to their catalog is Veronica, released in June, 2013. Dead Boots has shared the stage with Jane’s Addiction, Modest Mouse and the Stone Temple Pilots, among others, and has had tracks featured on HBO’s Entourage, MTV’s Jersey Shore and My Life as Liz, as well as on the 2K Sports video game, MLB 2K11, and Oxfam America’s compilations to raise money for the fight against hunger. Perry’s shift in focus from writing, recording and producing to mixing has been a natural progression and has provided him with an insight into creating music that few are lucky enough to have.


Perry cut his teeth in the music world early, starting very young as he grew up on tour and in the studio with his musician father. He has been writing and recording his own music since age 14 and possesses an understanding of artistry and music that goes deeper than just mixing and production. A well-rounded musical force, Perry has been working with Pro Tools and analog gear for over a decade and is well-versed in recording both on tape and in digital. His formal artistic education includes coursework at the School of Visual Arts in New York City as well as at the Boston University School of Communications.

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Noteworthy Work

Dirty Grandpa - "Bought and Sold" and "Because I Want To"

HBO's Silicon Valley - "Backseat Lover"

Hulu's The Mindy Project - "Runaway" 

Fox's The Mick - "Looking Pretty, Pretty"

Ship of Fools (Shown at Cannes Film Festival 2014) – “Icarus,” “Come Right Now,” & “Hey Baby

Cool Gear (Commercial Soundtrack) – “Cool Gear Can”

HBO’s Entourage – “Looking Pretty, Pretty”

MLB 2K11 Video Game – “Bought and Sold”

ESPN’s Page 2 Podcast – “Bought and Sold”

SWAT Firefight (Sony Films) – “On Course”

MTV’s Jersey Shore – “A Girl Like You,” “Antitrust,” & “Backseat Lover”

MTV’s 10 on Top – “My Baby is Fine” & “Because I Want To”

MTV’s My Life As Liz – “It’s Over”

CBS’ CSI: NY – “Masked Bandit”

Oxfam America’s 2012 “Make Some Noise” compilation – “Little Water”Oxfam

America’s 2013 “Make Some Noise” compilation – “I Believe in Love”

Vans Warped Tour’s No Room For Rock Stars – “Bought and Sold” & “Bobby & Jane”

Vans Triple Crown – “Sticky Wickets”

Vans US Open of Surfing – “Sticky Wickets”

FC Bayern Champions League Finale (2012) – “My Baby is Fine”

FC Bayern Champions League Finale (2013) – “Saturdays”Fuel TV – “Skip Your Class,” “Looking Pretty, Pretty,” & “Mitch Connor”

WEtv’s Sunset Daze – “Old Folks Home”

Reese’s Pieces – “The House of El Ron”

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