Noteworthy Work

Dirty Grandpa - "Bought and Sold" and "Because I Want To"

HBO's Silicon Valley - "Backseat Lover"

Hulu's The Mindy Project - "Runaway" 

Fox's The Mick - "Looking Pretty, Pretty"

Ship of Fools (Shown at Cannes Film Festival 2014) – “Icarus,” “Come Right Now,” & “Hey Baby

Cool Gear (Commercial Soundtrack) – “Cool Gear Can”

HBO’s Entourage – “Looking Pretty, Pretty”

MLB 2K11 Video Game – “Bought and Sold”

ESPN’s Page 2 Podcast – “Bought and Sold”

SWAT Firefight (Sony Films) – “On Course”

MTV’s Jersey Shore – “A Girl Like You,” “Antitrust,” & “Backseat Lover”

MTV’s 10 on Top – “My Baby is Fine” & “Because I Want To”

MTV’s My Life As Liz – “It’s Over”

CBS’ CSI: NY – “Masked Bandit”

Oxfam America’s 2012 “Make Some Noise” compilation – “Little Water”Oxfam

America’s 2013 “Make Some Noise” compilation – “I Believe in Love”

Vans Warped Tour’s No Room For Rock Stars – “Bought and Sold” & “Bobby & Jane”

Vans Triple Crown – “Sticky Wickets”

Vans US Open of Surfing – “Sticky Wickets”

FC Bayern Champions League Finale (2012) – “My Baby is Fine”

FC Bayern Champions League Finale (2013) – “Saturdays”Fuel TV – “Skip Your Class,” “Looking Pretty, Pretty,” & “Mitch Connor”

WEtv’s Sunset Daze – “Old Folks Home”

Reese’s Pieces – “The House of El Ron”